It would be nice if you could select a "main environment" for each project which would then strip out the environment from the project's web URL for that environment so it's shorter and nicer to see/use. For example:
Project Name: cool-project
> production
> dev
> testing
Each of those envs currently have these URLs:
All of these are pretty annoyingly long (especially production and testing), so say you defined "production" to be cool-project's main environment, then it would change the URL from "" to "" for the production environment deploys, while the other environments would keep their URLs the same, unless you switch the main environment, in which case the production environment would go back to "" and whichever other env you set as main would take over ""
If the "up" part of the URL could be removed that would be nice too but I understand if it's necessary for the network to function so it's okay if you can't :)
I'm sorry if this is long :')